OR Magazine is an experimental, digital publication produced by students at the

University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Each spring, a talented  group of undergraduates collaborate to challenge the boundaries of interactive  storytelling by creating features about compelling people who embody the culture and  spirit of Oregon.



In 2011, Adobe acknowledged the publication as the first student-created digital

magazine for the iPad using the company's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) software.

Since then, OR Magazine has been recognized by industry professionals at Adobe,

Apple, Conde Nast, Nike, Time Warner, Wired, Vimeo and Vox Media for its innovations.



 Visual storyteller from Oakland, California. Outdoor explorer, dance battle instigator.


A web producer and multimedia reporter from Corvallis, Montana. Self-proclaimed, professional fly fisher who wishes there were taller mountains to climb in Eugene.

Annabelle Carberry

PR & Communications student from San Francisco, California. Ask me about Kanye.

Carolyn Cruze

Oregon raised designer and photographer with a love for adventure. May be found on a sailboat, exploring nature, or singing in the streets.

Francesca Fontana

Writer, Portlander, expert on Steve Buscemi's filmography.

Judy Holtz

ATL born PDX raised photographer and videographer. Usually bribed with food.

Max Thompson

Designer. Producer. Creative. Realist. Adventurer. I only have one life so I try to make the most of it.


University of Oregon assistant Professor. Makes the best BBQ sauce in the Willamette Valley.

Meghan McEldowney

Bay Area born, Designer, avocado aficionado

Kimberly Walsh

Traded monuments for waterfalls. Designer

Ashley Norquist

Digital Designer. Plays with code and color.


Designer, maker and creative problem solver. The unofficial PDX taco expert.

Kyle Hentschel

Writer and project manager from Denver, Colorado. A firm believer that type 2 fun is the best kind of fun.

Fahmo Mohammed

I'm a multimedia journalist originally from Nairobi, Kenya. I'm a Manchester United fanatic and I enjoy spending my time people watching.

Claire Colby

Journalist and multimedia addict from Portland, Oregon.


Professional writer, unprofessional photographer. Raised in Cove, Oregon.


A photojournalist from Portland, Oregon who loves the outdoors and working with his hands. Also known to be the type of man to put anything on a tortilla and eat it.

Mikaela Kennedy

A designer born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I love hiking around the Gorge and wading through Oneonta. I'm a Michael Jackson encyclopedia, and will happily teach anyone how to moonwalk.


Born in Mexico, raised in Portland, Oregon. Designer by day, dreamer by night.


A multimedia journalist from Portland, Oregon with a love for the outdoors and everything wild.

Bryan Tietge

An animator with an obsession for motion, books, and software.

Chloe Huckins

Writer, pirate enthusiast and part-time pizza chef, born and raised in the great Northwest.


I believe in smart brands, beautiful design, and the power of kindness. I think they work best when woven together.




Crown Awards


-College Digital Publication Gold Crown


Gold Circle Awards


-Personality Profile. 1st Place, Dana Bredeweg, Pam Cressall and Sutton Raphael, “Carved with Love.”

-General Feature. 3rd Place, Guru Amar Khalsa, Alex Sacco and Teija Stearns, “Windows to the Sea.”

-Computer-Generated Art/Illustration. 2nd Place, Morgan Alfrejd, “Oregon Invaders”

-Informational Graphics. 3rd Place, Lisa Donato and Alan Sylvestre, “Choosing A Legend-Graphic Title: The Pre-Fontaire Classic.”

-Typography. 1st Place, Lisa Donato, Stephanie Hinson and Scott Proctor.

-Magazine Online Design. 1st Place, Lisa Donato, Stephanie Hinson and Scott Proctor.

-Video Feature Package. 1st Place, Dana Bredeweg, Sutton Raphael and Alex Sacco, “Distinctively Crafted Sound – Bending Tradition.”

-Video Feature Package. 2nd Place, Guru Amar Khalsa, “Taste of Oregon – 2 Towns Ciderhouse.”

-Video Feature Package. Certificate of Merit, Dana Bredeweg, Pam Cressall and Sutton Raphael, “Carves with Love — Jacquelyn’s Studio.”




Gold Circle Awards


-General Feature. 2nd Place, Brianna Huber and Sasha Riddle, “The First Step.”

-General Feature. 3rd Place, Sasha Riddle, “Dancing with Danger.”

-Video Feature Package. 1st Place, Matt Leslie and Tommy Pittenger, “The First Step.”

-Video Feature Package. Certificate of Merit, Tommy Pittenger, “Dancing with Danger.”




Gold Circle Awards


-Nonfiction Interview. Certificate of Merit, Courtney Hendricks and Myray Reames, “Portland Made.”

​-Typography. 3rd Place, Nate Makuch, “How To Be A Bad Ass, Humans vs. Zombies.”